Postmarks From the Past is dedicated to writing about and preserving Michigan postal history, in particular those post offices which have closed.

Discover more about Michigan postal history at the National Postal Museum website, which is part of the Smithsonial Institution.

Pioneer History Fascinating information on pioneer families of Michigan can be found at Michigan Trails. If you are descended from a pioneer family, you may want to adopt a county in Michigan and help tell the story!

Post Office Murals Visit W.P.A.-New Deal Art During the Great Depression. This shows the pictures of murals in post offices from various states. If you look under MI, you'll notice Munising, Marquette and a few others I have submitted.

Photo Gallery Browse photos of old Michigan post offices online!

Alger County Postal History We now have a listing of Alger County post offices with a wonderful old map, to boot.

A Post Office from the past:
Maxton, Michigan (Chippewa County)

This tiny Post Office operated from 
March 9, 1900 to November 29, 1930.  When the post office discontinued operation, the mail service went to Drummond Island.  Maxton is located in Drummond Township. The first
postmaster was Ernest A. Sims.
(Photo from State Archives of Michigan)


Featured photos:

K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base 

Branch of Gwinn Post Office
Opened August 1, 1960, 
discontinued September 30, 1995.
(Photos and postmark courtesy of Paul T. Schroeder, Oshkosh, WI)






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